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CP Aroma Misters

CP Aroma Misters

$ 12.95

Enjoy these Aroma Misters created with filtered water and pure essential oils. 

All can be enjoyed to safely freshen the air and remove odors. Some can be used as a body spray. Safe for linens.

Room Freshener
Body Spray
Linen Spray
Calm Enchantment X X


Citrus, floral and intriguing with sandalwood and frankincense.
Christmas Tree X


Gather round the Christmas Tree!
Easy Breathe X X


Natural decongestants to open up nasal passages for better breathing and alertness.
Frankincense X


Promotes emotional well being
Home for the Holidays X Aroma of Holiday spices, you just can't get enough of.
Lavender Herb Garden X X XXX Take a walk in the Lavender Garden surrounded by the Herb Garden
Refreshing Comfort X X Citrus with cedar.  Assists with Seasonal Affected Disorder
Relaxing X X X Lavender and Citrus Blend.  Yup, it is relaxing!
Stimulating X X Citrus and Mint to help keep you alert and focused.
Sweet Southern Citrus X A citrus blend of lemon and oranges.
Uplifting X X Citrus and floral.  What's not to love!?!
Winter Forest X Very grounding. Will remind you of a walk on a wintry day in the forest with the air crisp and clear.

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