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BEH Herbal Teas

BEH Herbal Teas

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Delightful, hand blended, sustainably Wild Crafted herbs, organically grown herbs from our beautiful Northern Michigan. Enjoy the healing goodness of nature in each cup of tea.

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Bearing Mother - A relaxing and nourishing blend - Stinging Nettles, oatstraw, wild harvested raspberry leaves, organic freeze dried raspberries. 1 oz.

Chaga Chai - A warming blend of wild Chaga Mushrooms, Roasted Chicory Root, Cinnamon, Cardamon and Cayenne.  Add your favorite black tea with it for a bit of caffeine. 5 oz metal tin.

Heart of Gold - Anti-inflammatory - organic turmeric root, organic star anise, organic caraway seeds, calendula blossoms. 1 oz.

Heavy Nettle - Digestion and a natural detoxifier. Stinging Nettle, Organic green tea, peppermint leaves, Organic ginger root and sumac berries. 1 oz.

Hoppy Thymes - Uplifting - Spearmint, St. John's wort, lemon balm, Michigan grown hops, organic thyme. .5 oz.

Mother Bear - Female Tonic - Red raspberry leave, wild mint leaves, chamomile blossoms, calendula blossoms, jasmine blossoms. .5 oz.

Mother Bear with Organic Black Tea -  Female Tonic - Red raspberry leaves, wild mint leaves, organic black tea leaves, organic chamomile blossoms, organic jasmine blossoms. 1 oz.

Ramblin' Rose - Your daily anti-oxidants - Red clover blossoms, organic hibiscus buds, organic rose petals. .5 oz.

Sunshine Daydream - Enjoy liquid sunshine and let yourself dream - Organic lemon balm, wild mint, organic calendula blossoms. .5 oz.

Wild Bear Ease - Boost your immune system! - Red raspberry leaves, elderberries, elder flowers, sumac berries, strawberry leaves. 1 oz.

Wild Chaga - Mega anti-oxidants - Chaga "the king of mushrooms"  enjoy the dried chaga in coffee and teas that would enhance its earthy flavor. Dried Wild Harvested Michigan 1 oz.



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