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BEH Herbal Salves

BEH Herbal Salves

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Chaga -  "Chaga the King of Mushrooms" Rich in anti-oxidants, enzymes, essential amino acids and turmerics natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Ingredients include; Organic Olive Oil double infused with Wild Harvested MI Chaga Mushrooms, Beeswax, Organic Turmeric

Chest Rub - Used for warming, soothing to open the airways.  This rub is great for seasonal allergies , coughs, and tight chests. The aromatic properties of these herbs help to open the bronchial tubes, soothe inflamed lungs and chest and clear nasal blockages. Can be gently massaged onto the chest, lymph glands and bottoms of the feet.

    Ingredients include; Organic Olive Oil infused with Red Clover, Peppermint, Mullein, and Oregano. Essential Oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Thyme, Peppermint and Beeswax.

    Clear Skin - These herbs are known to be helpful with eczema, psoriasis, warts, and rashes. Lavender and Clary Sage calms and cleanses the skin.

    Ingredients include; Grapeseed oil base with Vitamin E, infused with local and wild harvested Red Clover, Silverweed, Sage and Organic Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils.

    Convenient  2 oz size tin.

    Hops Infused Beard Balm - To Tame and Condition, Organic Olive Oil, Michigan Hops, Beeswax, Organic Essential Oil of Hops, White Pine and Mugwort.

    Lemon Balm - has traditionally been used for centuries to treat insomnia, lift the spirits and moods. Also to treat Herpes virus and topically for cold sores, bites, minor lesions and scrapes.  

    Rub a small amount on the temples or wrists to enjoy the mood elevating benefits

    Ingredients include Organic Olive Oil, infused with Lemon Balm and Organic Lemongrass essential oil.

    Convenient. 2 oz size tin.

    Muscle Rub - all natural with Shea Butter.  This rub can be used for muscle aches, sprains, strains, and joint pain as well as chronic pain and discomforts.  It can also be used as a general moisturizing body butter with aromatic and relaxing properties.

    Ingredients include; Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, herbs of Wild Mint, Comfrey, Bee Balm, Hyssop, Essential Oils of Lavender, Fennel, Marjoram, Rosemary, and Vitamin E.

    Enjoy a convenient 2 oz Tin or 4 oz Glass Jar.

    Rescue Salve - An all purpose salve for wound healing, stings, bites, rashes muscle and joint pain, inflammation and more.

    Ingredients include Plantain, along with Red Clover blossoms, Burdock, St. John's Wort, White Rose, Agrimony and Organic Lavender essential oil.

    .15 oz Rescue Stick,
    2 oz. size tin

    4 oz. size glass jar

    St. John's Wort - This Organic Olive Oil salve is infused with wild harvested St. John's Wort, wild harvested Burdock, Strawberry leaves and White Rose leaves.

    Great for dry skin in the winter months and wonderful in the summer for calloused hands, minor scrapes, cuts and bites. Happy feet enjoy the salve for healing dry cracked skin and coming down neuropathy in the feet. This blend is also known to help promote good sleep and dreams.  Enjoy!

    Convenient 2 oz tin.

    Women's Salve - For the complexities of being a women. This salve relieves aches and pain, inflammation, and can be soothing and uplifting.  Massage onto cramped abdomen or sore muscles for relief. With natural hormonal balancing properties, this is the perfect companion for monthly cycle discomforts, menopausal complaints or everyday aches and pains, bruises and bumps.

    Ingredients include; olive oil base, wild harvested Yarrow and Plantain, Beeswax, Essential oils of Rosemary, Clary Sage, and Organic Lavender.

    Enjoy a convenient 2 oz Tin or 4 oz  Glass Jar


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