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Cold & Flu Remedies

A collection of our best selections for you and your family to stay healthy during Cold & Flu season.

Some hints...

  • It is recommended to drink warm tea throughout the entire day to ward off and ease symptoms. Our high quality teas can easily be reinfused 3 times
  • Wash hands often with our naturally anti-bacterial soaps to prevent germs
  • Use Misters to spray down countertops, items and areas that often touched to prevent spreading germs
  • Our tonics from LDF contain almost 100% organic ingredients, use as recommended for best results

Specifically, we recommend the following products...

  • BEH Chest Rub Herbal Salve
  • BEH Wild Bear Ease Tea
  • BEH Sunshine Daydream Tea
  • CP Easy Breathe Aroma Mister
  • CP 5 Trees Essential OIl Blend
  • CP Easy Breathe Essential Oil Blend
  • HRH 5 Oils Aroma Mister
  • HRH 5 Oils w/Activated Charcoal Soap
  • HRH 5 Oils Lip Balm
  • LDF Nasal Wash
  • LDF Echinacea & Roots Tea Blend
  • LDF Echinacea Immune Tonic
  • LDF Respiratory Tonic
  • LDF 2 oz Elderberry Tonic
  • LDF 6 oz Elderberry Tonic
  • LDF Wild Cherry Cough Syrup
  • NN Silver Linings Immunity Blend Soap w/colloidal silver